Modern Elegance and the Eve Sculptures of Kylo Chua

Thursday, February 24, 2011
A modernist abstract sculptor from the Philippines, Chua was born into a Chinese family in Richmond, British Columbia in 1988- a year considered within Chinese circles to belong to the Dragon zodiac. The interplay of Chinese traditions and western influences in the Philippines cultivated an aesthetic hybridity in Kylo Chua's cast sculptures during his college years. In 2006, while studying at the Ateneo de Manila University under a Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, Chua began creating elegant pieces that resembled a continuous flow of liquid white. There exists a purity and sensuality in his artistry that permeates the visual appreciation of his patrons.

Currently at 22 years of age, Chua has garnered a following of modernists and art enthusiasts because of his abstract mannerisms. He has exhibited pieces nationally around the Philippines, but takes up his residency as the youngest sculptor of the Artasia Gallery in Quezon City. He has also exhibited several works through esteemed shows held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sculpture by Kylo Chua (2009) - Photography by Philip Yu

Chua was the first to receive the Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts in Sculpture when he graduated in 2010 at the Ateneo. He has also won an Honorary Mention at the Shell National Art Awards held at the Ayala Museum in 2009.

Sculpture by Kylo Chua (2009) - Photohraphy by Philip Yu

His figures of serpentine contour often resemble an infinity trait that can also be understood as the numerical 8. Chinese trace the number eight to be a fortunate symbol in their traditions and lifestyle. Aside from female and paired figurines, Chua also makes use of animal subjects, such as his creation "River Swan" in 2010 and an upcoming moving cheetah sculpture in 2011.


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