The Giants of Calle Örnemark

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Hailing from Sweden, this curious sculptor is famous for his crafting of larger-than-life wooden artworks. The very first big sculpture he produced was entitled the Jätten Vist which meant the Giant Vist. It stands eleven meters tall and is located next to route E4 at Huskvarna in Europe. The sculpture art comes with its very own legend background: This giant was coming home from Vastergotland when he threw a mix of grass and dirt into the lake Vattern for his wife to trudge through. This act created the island of Visingso. Örnemark's creations, intimidating in size, stand to us as a great novelty in the world of art. He shares a proud uniqueness through these works and they give a bold insight to the international community of sculptors and art enthusiasts.

Sculpture by Calle Örnemark - Photography by Melo Man

In the 1980's, he created a sculpture that resembled a giant ship. The artwork was entitled Bounty. Along with another artwork; Indiska reptricket, Örnemark's pieces drew up huge crowds to marvel at their sheer size and impact. Indiska reptricket at the time, became the world's highest sculpture, standing at 103 meters into the sky. In 2007, both of  Örnemark's pieces had to be taken down though due to natural deterioration. Today, he currently lives and works in Gränna, but still maintains a sculpture studio in Visingso. Other famous works include a huge wooden balloon in his home-place of Gränna and a replica of the wreckage of Henry Morgan's ship in Gratangen, Norway.


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