Peter Newsome's Clear-Form Glass Assemblage

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
The contemporary techniques of glass artist; Peter Newsome have been some of the curiosities many artists become fascinated with. Newsome has been a passionate sculptor of glass since the early 1990's and has mastered both traditional glazier and glassworker techniques as well as some adaptive contemporary techniques. His skills allow him to hand-slice layers upon layers sheet glass in precise forms for his assembled compositions. Many of his works resemble organic strands or waves depending on the contortion of his subject. Newsome's background in the glass engineering industry has led him to acquire several original methodologies for practicing original glasswork. He has exhibited several of his sculptures at many international art hubs such as the London Art Fair at Burton's Court, Chelsea and at Newby Hall Sculpture Park, Yorkshire.

 Sculpture by Photography by Gerardus

Newsome employs a sort of ray-like intensity by focusing on the overlapping transparencies of the media. The edges where the glass cuts off into air become patterns when pit against each other in natural light. The artist's ability to materialize designs in three dimensional space is coupled with his capability to imagine the unique transparencies of their compositions as well. Since his popularization in the glass art industry, Newsome has been a well recognized modern sculptor, especially within the communal Chelsea areas.


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