Christopher Bathgate and Working with Metals

Thursday, February 24, 2011
A Metal sculptor residing in Baltimore Marland, Bathgate's pieces exude a sense of mechanical complexity in their aesthetics. The contours in his artworks often reflect on the shapes associated with industrial beauty and design. He practices multiple variations of craftsmanship, including handworking, electoplating, heat coloring and computer aided design. For Bathgate, his art is also as much about the process as the final output. The long and tedious creation of each and every work allows Bathgate to further develop his self-taught style of metal-sculpting.

Sculptures and Photography by Christopher Bathgate

Bathgate's metal artworks have been exhibited throughout the Maryland area, as well as in New York, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., and also in North Carolina. He is currently being represented by Fine Arts Gallery Imperato in Baltimore. Bathgate is also a member of Viridian Artists Inc, an artist cooperative.


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