David Reekie : Sketch Artist and Contemporary Glassmaker

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Glass has always been a tricky media, because of its material traits and difficulty in handling. Throughout the years many glass sculptors have found it hard to stretch the spectrum of their subject matter, today however, there are those who seek to bring the art medium of glass into a contemporary frontier.

David Reekie has exhibited his sketched art and glass creations at several museums around the globe, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. He also maintains many collections in various locations spanning the UK's art societies. Reekie's love of drawing initially fed his creative desire to portray the human condition, but eventually it also led him to find a new love; the creation of cast glass. Today, Reekie uses both media to convey caricatures of satirical humor and an expression of the external forces that shape human life. Reekie's art was also inspired by his childhood activities of watching television shows like Forbidden Planet. One of Reekie's artful messages to us is the comparison of man's routinized lifestyle to a robot's mindless behavior.

Reekie uses an adapted method of casting glass- the lost wax process. He also adds a bit of his own tried and tested techniques to this age old way of casting glass. His kiln time and annealing process can take up to ten and seven days respectfully. He also paints a type of vitreous enamel inside the still damp mold to give the glass material its original exterior later on. Reekie's latest project was a solo exhibition hosted by Dan Klein Associates and was entitled An Exchange of Information. Humanshaped glass heads and ceramic birds allow Reekie to showcase both a sense of surrelism and a pinch of humor at the same time by illustrating the gap between subjects in existence.

-Sculptures by David Reekie
-All Photography (2) by Pamela Gardiner


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