Arthur Ganson, Contemporary Movement in Composition

Thursday, May 31, 2012 1 comments
An explorer of the mechanical world, Arthur Ganson seeks excitement in the creation of motion. A profound demonstrator of existentialism-themed kinetic wonders, Ganson creates displays that showcase movement in many variable ways. His pieces fondly play with the process of Rube Goldberg machines and shed a new light on the role kinetic sculpture plays in philosophical symbolism.

The piece here is entitled the Thinking Chair. It's a miniscule chair that moves fluidly around a rock base in a peculiar pattern. 

Ganson's curious sculptures make use of entertaining displays of action and reaction. The well-known sculptor was welcomed to do a talk on his craft at the TED conferences. Videos on his moving works are readily accessible by just searching with his name online. Ganson moves the world forward with his interesting passion for art and movement. His influence spreads across to younger generations as well as older art enthusiasts. His habit of making over complex machines to execute simple tasks give them the new purpose of becoming art rather than simply existing as purely mechanical objectives. His connection with metaphysical themes also influences his inspiration to create. His elegant style of perfecting his craft makes it easy to admire his interest in sculpture.
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Riusuke Fukahori's Goldfish Dreamscape

Thursday, February 9, 2012 0 comments
Some have always wondered where the boundaries between painting and sculpture are set. For Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, boundaries are merely beautiful illusions in his craft. 

This remarkable modern day master creates a single favorite subject in a complex and beguiling manner. Using several layers of water-clear resin, his hands move like a 3D printer, meticulously painting layer after layer in tones that reflect a certain portion of his goldfish art. His creations have been exhibited internationally, with a recent show in London entitled "Goldfish Salvation". Dominic Alves photographed several of Fukahori's wonderful masterpieces during the show.

The sheer impact of such a process would bewilder most creatives. Fukahori's dream of rediscovering a synthesis between two artforms bridges the gap of classical VS modern art. His wonderful creations resemble both the real-life creatures as well as traditional Japanese fish paintings, but at the same time make use of a technique that became the inspiration for modern day design technology (3D computer aided machining).

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Anastassia Elias and the "Rolls" Royce of Paper Sculpture

Monday, January 16, 2012 6 comments
From the most miniscule things, art can be created to give beauty in many ways. A lot of the things we think of as garbage or residue are actually capable of becoming something much more than the trivial purpose we give them. Take this example of sculpture media by Anastassia Elias: toilet paper tube as scenic displays of art and creativity. Today's green movements influence every field of design- including sculpture, and what better way to promote a better earth than to create something beautiful our of something that's usually thrown away.

A great mixed media artist in her own right, Elias showcases a wonder of fine and brilliant thought by transforming value in the most simplest of items. Being a collage artist and painter from France, Elias is probably aware of the traditional fine and classical motif that surrounds French art, however the mere fact that she forgoes the traditional for the contemporary makes her one of our favorite modern artists for 2012. Paper sculptures are not new in the art circles, however innovative uses for them is definitely something to look into. We hope to find more brilliant masterpieces by Elias in the near future.
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