Ken Rinaldo and The Interactivity of Sculptural Installations

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Drawing a hybrid inspiration from both nature and technology, interaction-sculptor Ken Rinaldo aspires to meld the aesthetics of organic designs with the complex style of mechanical instruments. He has held several exhibitions in the past that were themed accordingly, showcasing a degree of bio-art and electromechanical sculpture. Rinaldo relates his interactive art to several issues plaguing society today, such as the abandonment ecological situations in favor of technological evolution. He graduated from programs in Computer Science and Communications as well as a Fine Arts Masterals program. His diversity in specialization allows him to conceptualize new ways of intertwining media into innovative ways of expression.

Sculpture by Ken Rinaldo and Amy Young - Photography by Samuel Mann

In the year 2000, he won the first prize at the VIDA 3 International Artificial Life Competition and during the succeeding year, the same winning piece also received an honorary mention during the Arts Electronica Festival. Since then, Rinaldo's work on bio-mechanical and bio-electrical art has skyrocketed into newer forms and compositions of hybrid variety. He believes that the intersection between these two fields holds the key to understanding many modern concepts, such as inter-species communication and the process of co-evolution in human technological society.


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