Pierre Granche and the Geometry of Abstractions

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
A notable public arts sculptor; Pierre Granche was very popular in the art community of Quebec for his works in the field of combining sculptural art with the fundamentals of architecture. Mainly working with aluminum as his primary material, Granche exhibits a unique style that bases on geometrical tendencies in abstraction. He prefers the rigid, poly-sided orientations over smooth curvatures or organic shapes.  Granche studied at the École de Beaux-Arts de Montréal and the Université de Vincennes in Paris, honing his sculptural skills to obtain a degree of great capability in metalsmithing and abstract conceptualizing.

Sculpture by Pierre Granche - Photography by François Proulx

Granche's public art has been seen in London (Canada Memorial in Green Park), Montreal (Systeme Sculpture in Namur), and many other locations around the world. His work Totem; was also exhibited at the McCord Museum in Montreal. Some of his skyline-type of works hang overhead with a certain degree of playfulness when it comes to lighting. His Systeme sculpture in Namur is comprised of several geometrically shaped aluminum polygons thar hang above the transit way. The artwork reflects light that bounces off any movement in the area, and for a transportation system, blinking lights are virtually everywhere.


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