René Lalique and the Legendary Glass

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Lalique today is a very well-known name in the glass craft industry. Born in Ay, a small village in France, the young Lalique drew much of his influence from the frequent trips back to his home town. His naturalistic style of sculpting glass creations is a frequent sight in many of the Lalique boutiques around the world. He studied art all his life, since his time at the College Turgot to the evening classes at the Ecole des arts décoratifs and the two years at Sydenham Art College. Lalique trained as a goldsmite and jeweller at first, moving around work areas like Cartier and Boucheron honing his skills. in the late 1800's Lalique was already seen as one of France's leading designers of Art Nouveau. He also moved on to become one of the top artists in the Art Deco style, further adding to his popularity as a designer. As a glass maker, he was unparallelled by rivals. The line of artistry also continued on to his daughter Marie Claude Lalique, who followed diligently in his footsteps.

I believe that what makes the creations of the Lalique family so inspiring is their play of elegance using the unique traits of glass. Light, reflections and finishes are always combined in the perfect way with every glass creation that comes out of their process. These days, the brand of glass that Lalique has strived to achieve is directly synonymous to quality and creativity in the highest grade.


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