Riusuke Fukahori's Goldfish Dreamscape

Thursday, February 9, 2012
Some have always wondered where the boundaries between painting and sculpture are set. For Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, boundaries are merely beautiful illusions in his craft. 

This remarkable modern day master creates a single favorite subject in a complex and beguiling manner. Using several layers of water-clear resin, his hands move like a 3D printer, meticulously painting layer after layer in tones that reflect a certain portion of his goldfish art. His creations have been exhibited internationally, with a recent show in London entitled "Goldfish Salvation". Dominic Alves photographed several of Fukahori's wonderful masterpieces during the show.

The sheer impact of such a process would bewilder most creatives. Fukahori's dream of rediscovering a synthesis between two artforms bridges the gap of classical VS modern art. His wonderful creations resemble both the real-life creatures as well as traditional Japanese fish paintings, but at the same time make use of a technique that became the inspiration for modern day design technology (3D computer aided machining).


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