Round Up of Sculptor and Sculpture Features

Friday, December 23, 2011
As the year draws to a close, our team at Sculptor & Sculpture heads out to plan our very first art themed- Christmas party, but before that let's take a quick look back at some of this year's roster of featured sculpture artists.

Who could forget the curious "sketch-like" characters of glass artist David Reekie? His kiln-made creations of childhood wonder and interest are some of our favorites. Harry Bertoia's magnificent kinetic artworks proved to be a great addition to our collection of articles about contemporary works. His is truly a medley of dynamic motion, air and balance, much like the interactive beauties made by Ken Rinaldo, a man whose attention to society is conveyed in several of his creative ideas. Rinaldo uses his study of fine arts to manifest symbolisms that the present-day societies can deeply relate to.

On the more traditional side, Henry Moore and Alexander Calder's timelessness is something that's always worth marveling at. The two art-world heavyweights still command a highly sought-after global respect amidst the new generation of art enthusiasts. Many of Moore's inspirational sculptures initially served as the  motivational creativity for many youngsters approaching aesthetic maturity in their own artistic careers. Speaking of the younger generation, abstract figure artist Kylo Chua's fluid female characters poise themselves in an undulating beauty of curves and potential. The young Chinese sculptor experiments with modernity as a reference for representational abstraction. While the genre of abstract is strictly a breadwinner in today's art circles, contemporary non-representational abstract is another big wave in the community. Barton Rubenstein's water-based kinetic monument was featured as a wonderful and somehow scenic sight for people with an interest in both physics and artistic design.

Many great works were discovered and written about this year, including works by Peter Newsome, Pierre Granche, Seymour Lipton, Tony Rosenthal, Michael Tom and Marvin Lipofsky among other master carvers and mixed-media sculptors.

We hope to see a fascinating round up of new and powerful artworks next year with the international emergence of newer and bolder styles from across Asia Pacific, Europe and America.


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