The Water Wonders of Barton Rubenstein

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
A true blue American Sculptor, Barton Rubenstein is a keen observer of nature and kinetics. His sculptural configurations can be likened to a modenist's take on the natural flow of worldly liquids froma higher point to s lower point in space. His adamant passion has brought him a numerous amount of followers including kinetic sculptors and fountain enthisiasts from around the globe. He began first as a studying scientist of Physics at Haverford Colllege, Pensylvania, but had pursued a minor in art. He had also acquired an MSc in both Mathematics and Computer Science, while culminating a PhD in Neuroscience. Needless to say, Rubenstein is indeed a multi-talented personality, but his fondness for moving sculpture draws our attention to him the most.

Sculpture by Barton Rubenstein - Photography by Bartsher

He began experimenting with metal sculpture during his stay at the Corocoran College of Art and Design. There he learned the various processes of mold-making, wax casting and welding. He learned to create a body of work that encompassed the flow of water as part of its natural appeal. His waterworks had launched him into the modern art scene by 1994, beginning his speedy growth as an international sculptor. Rubenstein's also received several recognitions like being a member of a committee at the National Academies to design the next generation of US monetary currency. This committee directly influenced the new 100$ bill design we know today.


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